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Our Deepest Fear – Marianne Williamson

There is nothing new in our universe, everything has been said, played, explained, and lived. Since there is only NOW! Everything is being re expressed, we experienced, and recognized. Everything being said today we know or knew and are having to hear it in a different way to meet with our new consciousness! Thank You for your way, the now way to see and get beyond our limiting fears!!

Beautiful. It’s time for all of us to SHINE our LIGHT. We are all Gods and Goddesses, and Stewards of this planet.

The Frequency of Life

You wake up; rub the sleep from your eyes, maybe yawn and then what? If you own a smart phone the next step probably includes checking your email, Facebook, texts, or a favorite news site. The world is quite literally in our hands. We have 24/7 access to a wealth of information that has radically transformed how we live.Take a moment to think about your typical day. How much time is spent in front of a screen? And yes, I realize you’re staring at one now while you read this post. There are valid reasons to stay connected whether it’s looking at photos of family members who live on the other side of the world or staying abreast of what’s going on around the globe.A lot of this content has the potential to enrich our lives and provide us with greater understanding of ourselves and Read more [...]

Caring For Our Minds and Bodies

I am proud to say that my mind is still intact at my age, when so many people are suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia these days. Much earlier in life, too. Everything begins with the mind. Body, mind and spirit must be balanced. To make the body and mind whole we must maintain positive thought patterns.I believe we create every so-called illness in our body. The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. The body is always talking to us, if we will only take the time to listen. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.Continuous modes of thinking and speaking produce body behaviors and postures and “eases” or dis-eases. The person who has a permanently scowling face did not produce Read more [...]

The Power of Personal Development

We hope you will enjoy our first BellaVita4Life Magazine issue where you will learn:The secret to making your life better. The steps to take to find your life purpose. Why goal setting is a critical step in achieving success in your life. The importance of getting help when battling a mental illness. Living with a diabetic. How to seize the power that is already within you – Tony Robbins 2015 Event Tour, and A easy to make recipe for diabetic cheesecake.ReInvent YourselfThe Power of Personal Development and Success 7 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose Goal Setting – The Key to SuccessMental Health What Is Mental Health? DiabetesMy Dad’a A Diabetic: A Personal Journey Not So Cheesy CheesecakeThis Issue's Book Review Is..."The Success Read more [...]

7 Steps to Finding Your Life Purpose

What is the purpose of your life? Do you know? Does your life have any meaning?Many people ask themselves questions like this yet few people seem to find an answer. People sometimes turn to religion or politics or to life coaching to help them find an answer to these questions. As a life coach, I present to you here my seven steps for you to follow to help you find a purpose to your life.First of all, let us dismiss the idea that there is only one answer to the meaning of life. Each of us leads our own life and each of us can have our own purpose to our life. The purpose you find or you create for your life may be unique to you or it may be something you share with other people.Step 1: Do Something NewIf what you are doing now has not revealed to you a purpose in your life, Read more [...]

Practicing Mindfulness and Its Benefits With Simple Techniques for Busy Schedules

The world can be a stressful place. Relationships, jobs, and juggling long lists of errands everyday can leave people exhausted mentally and emotionally. Learning to handle stress through the use of mindfulness meditation is the key to staying calm in hectic times and dealing with what life throws at us.Practicing MindfulnessMindfulness meditation can be done anywhere, but finding a quiet place makes it easier when you first begin. Sit comfortably. Begin focusing on each part of your body beginning with your feet. Tighten the muscle and hold it for a few seconds before moving on to your legs and upper body. Feel the tension lessening as you release. Work your way up to you hands and arms. When you have finished, focus on your breathing. One breathing technique that is helpful is to breath in Read more [...]

If You Learn This, Your Life Will Never Be The Same (Law Of Attraction)

"We become what we think about" Earl NightingaleWhy do we become what we think about?  When you listen to this video you'll be awestruck by the simplicity and timelessness of Earl Nightingale's words and ideas.Hope you enjoyed this video like I did.Isabella Come and join us in our BellaVita4Life-MagazineFacebook Page. We provide information to help you to reach your full potential and strive towards emotional, spiritual, social, financial and physical success and to improve your overall wellbeing. Subscribe to our BellaVita4Life Free Online Magazine App to help you achieve a healthy and meaningful life which is essential to balance your body, mind and soul. Come and join us in our DailyGratitude4Life Facebook Group of friends and gain in the Read more [...]

Best Herbs To Eliminate Pain [Video]

Dr. Stokes explains the fastest and most effective ways to reduce pain without drugs or surgery.1. Ginger: 5% standardized extract Gingerols Shogaols, up to 4000 mgs day with food divided equally over 3 or 4 time periods. Reduce pain, inflammation and inhibit formation of substance P and has been shown to have chemotherapeutic effect on colon cancer.2. Turmeric: 95% standardized curcuminoids extract, up to 3000 mgs a day taken as above, Reduces NF-Kappa B, reduces pain and inflammation, inhibits cancer growth in hydrocarbon based cancers.3. EPA/DHA, Omega 3 fatty Acids: Take 2-3 table spoons (13 grams) a day of cold pressed Flax Seed Oil (Barleans is good!) or take fish oil capsules but check the EPA/ DHA content, this is the active ingredient and needs to be high. Works along with Turmeric Read more [...]

Superfoods: A daily bowl of quinoa to live longer?

I eat quinoa for breakfast.  I cook it in coconut milk with a chopped banana and apple with a dash of cinnamon.  It is so delicious.Hope you enjoy the following article on the benefits of eating Quinoa reguarly/Isabella ❤---------------------This post appeared on Brisbane News.The new apple? Quinoa.An apple a day to keep the doctor away is so passe.Now, in news that will make the superfoodies tremble in their Birkenstocks, if you want to thrive a daily bowl of quinoa (keen-wah) could keep you alive.A new study by Harvard Public School of Health has found that eating a daily bowl of the protein-packed, gluten-free grain significantly reduces the risk of premature death from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes.  The researchers followed the diets Read more [...]

Walk Your Way to Good Body, Mind, and Soul

I used to do a lot of running until my knees started hurting too much.  So I had to give up running and took up walking instead which was far more gentler on my knees, my heart and body.What I found was that by walking not only was it better for me but I actually was able to enjoy the scenery around me.  It helped me to clear my mind and I was able to practice mindfulness. So not only did I benefit from still being able to stay fit and slim, it also helped me to de-stress. Mindfulness is  also a great way to lower blood pressure,  other life-threatening diseases and depression.Walking is easy to do and you can do it anywhere.I hope you enjoy the following article by David Jackson.Isabella ❤Article Source: David W JacksonWalking offers excellent benefits in various Read more [...]